Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yesterday I had a funny late afternoon
I went to the Jewel supermarket where I met one young man
At the cashier machine; where he looked at me
And my shopping items I bought;
A duster and three rolls of toilet paper
I payed for it little more than two dollars
I thought that the man might like me
But when he saw my shopping worth
Little more than two dollars,
He decided to not like me,
So, after I left the store
I decided to go back to my home
I went into my car; I have a nice car,
I like it so, I went into my Subaru Forester
I decided to drive back to my home
When I drove my car out of the parking lot...
The same man I met at the store
Just arrived at the opened door
He was leaving the Jewel store
I was making a left turn at
The front of the same door
The man was coming out
I saw him and he saw me
In my moving car in the parking lot!
He looked at me, I looked at him,
His face said he didn't like what I bought
But, I like her nice Subaru Forester car
So after I left the man at the front door
I decided to go back to my home

On my way back home I got to stop
At Walgreens drugstore, where I met at the
Cashier one woman not looking young
She was paying for her shopping
She had a lot of shopping
She paid a lot for it; after she paid
She left Walgreens and I picked
Just two things and I paid
Much less than she paid and
I left the shop and I walked to
The parking lot, where I met her again
Face to face with her and my car,
Where she was already in her car
A not too young looking small sedan
With a broken front bumper...
She gave me a strange look and my car
I too looked at her, her face was telling me
She didn't like what I had bought
Neither did she like the Subaru Forester car.
She moved back her car, I moved back my car...
We left Walgreens parking lot
For back home, both cars ride!

Written by Ewa Socha

Copyright © by Ewa Socha

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I'm the author
I have the rights
I would like
To say that
Not anyone
For right now
Has my permission
For any copyrights
Of my poems
And any content
Of my blog
All poems are
Under the copyrights
Including poems
I'm on Blogger and 
Feed the Fish
Just got the above poems
Only as a gift,
When he asked for it
No copyrights 
May be reproduced 
In whole or in part 
By any means
I mean electronic
And other means
I don't know them yet
Without the express 
Written permission 
Of the author 
Of course me
Ewa Socha

Written by Ewa Socha
Copyright © by Ewa Socha

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Please feed my fish
On the bottom
Of the page I have
A fish tank...
Please feel free
Free free free
To feed my fish
Just click on the
Fish tank and
Feed my fish
As much as
You want to
Click click click
They love to eat
Always hungry
Please feel free
To feed my fish
My fish love
To be fed
Feed feed feed...

Written by Ewa Socha

Copyright © by Ewa Socha


I came one day
And decided to
Stay on Blogger
I have a lot to tell
About poetry from
My artistic soul

Written by Ewa Socha

Copyright © by Ewa Socha