Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yesterday I had a funny late afternoon
I went to the Jewel supermarket where I met one young man
At the cashier machine; where he looked at me
And my shopping items I bought;
A duster and three rolls of toilet paper
I payed for it little more than two dollars
I thought that the man might like me
But when he saw my shopping worth
Little more than two dollars,
He decided to not like me,
So, after I left the store
I decided to go back to my home
I went into my car; I have a nice car,
I like it so, I went into my Subaru Forester
I decided to drive back to my home
When I drove my car out of the parking lot...
The same man I met at the store
Just arrived at the opened door
He was leaving the Jewel store
I was making a left turn at
The front of the same door
The man was coming out
I saw him and he saw me
In my moving car in the parking lot!
He looked at me, I looked at him,
His face said he didn't like what I bought
But, I like her nice Subaru Forester car
So after I left the man at the front door
I decided to go back to my home

On my way back home I got to stop
At Walgreens drugstore, where I met at the
Cashier one woman not looking young
She was paying for her shopping
She had a lot of shopping
She paid a lot for it; after she paid
She left Walgreens and I picked
Just two things and I paid
Much less than she paid and
I left the shop and I walked to
The parking lot, where I met her again
Face to face with her and my car,
Where she was already in her car
A not too young looking small sedan
With a broken front bumper...
She gave me a strange look and my car
I too looked at her, her face was telling me
She didn't like what I had bought
Neither did she like the Subaru Forester car.
She moved back her car, I moved back my car...
We left Walgreens parking lot
For back home, both cars ride!

Written by Ewa Socha

Copyright © by Ewa Socha